Quote of the day

Whoever saw, as many did, a whole city reduced to rubble - kilometers of streets on which there remained no trace of life, not even a cat, not even a homeless dog - emerged with a rather ironic attitude toward descriptions of the hell of the big city by contemporary poets, descriptions of the hell in their own souls. A real "wasteland" is much more terrible than any imaginary one. Whoever has not dwelt in the midst of horror and dread cannot know how strongly a witness and participant protests against himself, against his own neglect and egoism. Destruction and suffering are the school of social thought.

(Czesław Miłosz.)

For you to indulge me in the luxury of this confession, half of which you already know - that I am a man and not a fist, and that, frankly, too much have I sliced up this city, as easy as a cake - I should offer you some thing or other in return, friend. How about this?