My Owner...

... has been in a fine mood today. No-one has walked through the door, & under the table I have clenched. No emails have pinged, & in the air I've shook. No-one on the train has stood on his foot, & on the way out he has a dream where he turns back time and fills their face in with me, his fist.

Nothing like that at all, today. So be it. Let emoticon smiles play on the centre stage of his mouth. But he did let me type here on you my dark, darling blog - & I'll show him, I thought. I'll show him!

But ... what? Show him, what do I show him on a day like today? Ahh, at least this: that still he has failed to forget me, that never can he forget me, me, his only darkling, death-loving, never-dying part.